Liberal arts vs. big university – what would you choose now?

It was a rainy Friday afternoon. My twin sister Kirsten and I packed up my little blue Honda Fit for our impending weekend at one of the largest and most

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Tales from the Tour Guides

As everyone can surely remember, applying to colleges can be a very stressful and time consuming experience for high school seniors. Who else remembers packing up the car to drive

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What’s all the hype over the Lanternfly?

Since the beginning of the fall semester, the Spotted Lanternfly has been all the talk around campus. All we’ve been told is to kill these pretty and seemingly harmless insects

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Mosque in Morgantown Response

One scene that I found interesting was when Asra was explaining to the viewers about her book she was writing. Her book was about her pilgrimage to Mecca. She explained

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4/17/18 class writing response

Throughout the personal narratives, there are a couple of themes which are important and have constantly been recurring. The idea of identity and community are two which really stand out


Source Review #2

Source Review #2 Mel Rudberg   For the second source review, I will be reviewing Rubina Ramji’s “Representations of Islam in American News and Film: Becoming the ‘Other,’ within the

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On the Edge of Belonging

  I haven’t really thought much about the LGBTQ community within the American Muslim lifestyle. This article was really eye opening. By looking at the title itself, this girl was

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Kugle reading: Sexuality, Diversity, and Ethics in the Agenda of Progressive Muslims

Something that surprised me when reading Kugle’s article was how the religion of Islam is considered as being one that is accepting to sexual pleasure. Kugle articulates how this openness

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Source Review #1

For the first source review, I will be reviewing Todd H. Green’s Muslims in the Media and at the Movies. Green analyzes the representation of both Muslim men and women

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Polygyn Chapter 3 – Majeed Reading

I haven’t really done much research with the idea of Polygyny, especially within Islam. Something that I found really interesting was how Muslim men and of course their wives who

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