4/17/18 class writing response

Throughout the personal narratives, there are a couple of themes which are important and have constantly been recurring. The idea of identity and community are two which really stand out to me. Many of the personal narratives involve Muslim women feeling a loss of identity and aren’t quite sure how to act in public or private life because they don’t have anyone to look up to or compare their personal struggles with. This was especially seen throughout the personal narrative described in “On the Edge of Belonging.” But, once the college student found a community to be a party of, she was able to truly find herself. I found this really interesting because I have never been in a position where I don’t know who I am because I have always found a community to turn to. Human nature is interesting in this sense because many people feel that they cannot find themselves if they are not a part of a similar community. The sense of identity within a community has been a very common attribute to many of the personal narratives we have reviewed in class. Once the LGBTQ community begins to become more well known throughout Islamic communities, I have a feeling these individuals will begin to feel more safe within their own particular identity.

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  1. I completely agree with everything you stated in your post. It is so interesting but also sad that many Muslim people, particularly the LGBTQ+ have such a hard time finding a place in society. I do think though that with time many Muslim LGBTQ+ people will find a community. Especially with the concept of LGBTQ+ becoming a more accepted idea in Islam, I’m hoping that these people will soon have a community and then create a distinct identity for themselves.

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