Mosque in Morgantown Response

One scene that I found interesting was when Asra was explaining to the viewers about her book she was writing. Her book was about her pilgrimage to Mecca. She explained to the audience how she knew what was happening in the Morgantown Mosque was not good, so she used her research for the book she was writing as an excuse to find out why. She explains how men and women did actually mix freely and seamlessly together within 7th century Islam. There was no true evidence of the hyper sexuality seen today within 21st century society. So, that being said, the stark difference between Muslim men and women throughout 21st century Islamic life is no way gods law. Instead, this was like laws of conservative and extremist men. Moreover, I found this quick seen to be really important and also quite informative for the audience because it gives the audience a true sense as to why Asra is so frustrated with her Mosque and their unfair treatment of women. These conservative men are using Allah and the laws of Islam to give reason to their unfair treatment of women, when in reality that is not what the laws were meant to do. This means that Islamic laws are solely being interpreted by conservative men, who are simply interpreting the laws to mean something different than what they were originally intended to do for all Muslims.

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