Source Review #1

For the first source review, I will be reviewing Todd H. Green’s Muslims in the Media and at the Movies. Green analyzes the representation of both Muslim men and women throughout multiple types of Western media forms in the post 9/11 era. Some of the media forms highlighted throughout the chapter are: Western Television and News sources, and of course the influential icon of the Western Hollywood Film industry. Generally speaking, Green examines how Muslim men are typically represented as terrorists and Muslim women are usually framed as oppressed and sullen characters. Green argues that these portrayals formulated throughout these Western media forms perpetrate and encourage the “fear” of Islam within the Western audiences. In addition, Green also argues that these generalized stereotypes simply “reduces Islam to a religion that promotes violence and the oppression of women” (Green, 234).

Western media is arguably the most influential outlet of information to the public audience. Because the majority of Westerners are extremely uneducated within the religion and customs of Islam, the constant stereotypical portrayals made throughout Western media forms only furthers false representations of Islam to be seen as the truth. Because these representations are usually the only exposure Westerners have to Muslim life, audiences are more likely to fear Islam. Furthermore, this encourages Western audiences to also fear all Muslim men as terrorists and to want to save the all Muslim women from oppression.

Todd H. Green’s chapter is relevant to my project because of his direct analyzes of the fear of Islam in the Western media forms, especially throughout the Film industry. This source is a chapter from Green’s book titled The Fear of Islam. This comes from a communication discipline, which is perfect because my topic is directly analyzing a Western media form. Not only does this source directly highlight the particular stereotypes seen throughout the film industry, but the chapter also highlights bigger ideas of Islamophobia. From the brief description above, it is clear that Islamophobia will be a very prominent theme throughout my paper. That being said, Green’s paper is an appropriate source because it relates how the Western film industry perpetrates the idea of Islamophobia in the post 9/11 era.

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